Welcome to Fit4Life!!  My goal is to provide quality training and or nutrition advice as it pertains to the sport of triathlon.  I love giving back to a sport that has been so good to me.  Coach Gerald Pictured above at Duathlon Worlds 2007 in Richmond, VA.

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What some others have said about coach Gerald:

Coach Gerald is great.  He is the most positive person I know.  When I started working with Coach Gerald three years ago I was struggling to complete sprint triathlons.  This November(2007) I completed my first Ironman faster than I ever thought possible.  I would recommend Gerald to anyone who wants to get fitter, get faster and go farther.   
-Kris Horner
Dallas, TX


There are so many positives about Coach Gerald, I don’t know where to start.  He is a phenomenal athlete, amazing coach, good friend and above all a quality person with a strong sense of character and morale.  You can’t help but be exited and enthusiastic when you are around him and always want to do your best.  Coach Gerald has taken me from ground zero.  I started with him 3 years ago.  My first year with Gerald, he taught me how to ride my bike and run.  My first race with him I took 20 minutes off of my sprint time from a race just a month before.  My second year with Gerald, he taught me how to race.  I took another 15-20 minutes off of my sprint time and completed my first Olympic distance triathlon and a half marathon.  This year he has taken me beyond what I ever imagined I could do.  I’m consistently placing in the top 10 in my age group on sprints and every race is a PR.  I place 100% trust in this man as my coach and as a person.  I highly recommend Gerald for all of your coaching and nutritional needs.

-Julie Williams
Frisco, TX

Hotline: (469) 574-3719 Call for workout status, posted 1hr prior to workouts

Contact Coach Gerald: babyg@alumni.utexas.net

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